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Hello Home.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Third time's a charm....I hope!

So we put in our third offer on a home yesterday. The first two obviously didn't work out in our favor but I have a really good feeling about this third one. They say not to get your hopes up but it's already too late for all that. Here's my question, why on earth would we put an offer in on a house if we didn't love it? Why would we put ourselves nearly half a million dollars in debt if we didn't love it? So, of course if we didn't love it our hopes wouldn't be up.

So, this is me with my hopes way way up.

I should also say that this isn't quite the home that I pictured myself falling in love with. I thought I would walk into a house and instantly think, "This is the one!"

S and I sat parked in front of this home for about 5 minutes waiting for our agents to meet us and in those 5 minutes S decided that he wasn't a fan. He didn't like the outside (the windows need to be replaced, the garage door is old and the poor house is in dire need of a solid paint job). With all that said, I told S to hang on to his judgements until we went inside.

Well, we went inside and it smelled like moldy curry. The refrigerator had been emptied and all the food was sitting on the old 1950's countertops. The oven had been ripped out and the old crappy linoleum in the kitchen and dinning room was just awful.

Now with all that said the view from the backyard was to die for! The living room is all floor to ceiling windows and the view is just breathtaking. There's a room on the opposite side of the house (perfect office for S) and two very nice size bedrooms on the other side. The house has a super cute side yard with a door that leads to the kitchen (perfect for the dogs) and the flow of the house from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you step out onto the perfect deck with the most amazing view is just what I had been looking for!

So with all that said, we put an offer on lucky number three yesterday! It's a short sale so from what I hear we have to be patient with this one.

In the meantime our agent suggests we keep looking. So with hesitation we move on but of course all my positive energy is going towards this home that I know S and I can mold into our dream home!

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