Thursday, November 13, 2014


i gave birth two years ago. that's so nuts. time is such a funny thing. the tiny details of the day she was born are beginning to escape me but the enormous space in my heart that she fills continues to grow and grow. with each day that passes i can hardly believe that i can love her any more than i do in that very second....and then another second passes and sure enough....the love gets bigger.

how can i harness enough love to love a 32 year old?! (thats how old i'm about to be in a few weeks and i just can't begin to imagine how much my mom loves me at 32 years old.) and that's another thing, my husband said something the other day that really weighed heavy on me. he said, "it's kind of sad to think that ina will never love us the way we love her."

it's just so true.

but the amazing thing is that one day, she will love someone as much as we love her because we are going to show her unconditional love the way our parents showed us and so the wheel just keeps on turning.

so here are some of the pics from her big two birthday. we decided to keep things low-key by just inviting some family over for brunch and then we ventured out to disney for her official day (i'll post the disney pics later....)

Monday, October 27, 2014

newborn changing table essentials

the beauty of being pregnant in the age of the internet and the power of google is that it is insanely easy to figure out all the prepping you need to do ahead of time. however, that is also the biggest downfall. everyone approaches new motherhood so differently and when there are basically a million new mothers telling you the right and wrong way to do it, things can get pretty complicated.

but surprisingly one of the things that i found the hardest to research was the most essential elements to include on my changing table. i literally almost had a break down at 37 weeks because i didn't know if the butt paste or baby wipes should be at arms length. 

well worry no more my darling soon-to-be mother friends. this is my take on those things you need to wipe that tiny little tush.

*please note i said, "my take" because every baby is different and all their tush needs vary but these are the things that worked best for my little one.

first off, invest in a diaper bin. do NOT waste your money on the trash bags that are made for them. we have this one and use regular kitchen bags inside it. the diaper bin is clutch because it has a safety order blocking window that keeps most of the stank out. however, on extra poopie days, we would take out the trash on the regular.

next, we found the changing tables are nothing more than a glorified dresser with tiny panels on each side. I'm not the tallest so we used an old antique hutch that I had restored a couple years back. my husband then sawed down the legs so it was a nice comfy height for me. all you really need is a dresser wide enough for a changing pad to sit on top and long enough to fit a basket with a few essentials and a wipe warmer.

the changing pad: we had and still have only two covers for our changing pad. however, we bought these disposable mats and cut each sheet in fours. the changing situation is messy in the beginning so unless you plan on doing laundry twice a day, i would highly recommend slapping on one of these disposable mats during each changing.

that leaves us with the wipe warmer and her essentials basket. the wipe warmer is something i was not entirely sold on to begin with. it's definitely not a "need to have" but it's a really nice "nice to have."

some argue that if the wipes are always warm then they fuss when you're traveling or on-the-go and are forced to feel cold wipes. not true in our case. i think it only made her appreciate the warm wipe against her tush in the comfort of her own home.

now for the essentials basket.....this was so clutch for us. we received our basket from a friend with a ton of other really fun things inside and now i always make sure to put together a sweet basket for my friends. the basket itself is large enough to hold diapers for a few days and a bunch of random little lotions and necessities. here's the list of what we started with and where we are now:

  • every day cream: we love us some california baby
  • diaper rash cream: aveeno was our go-to rash cream when things looked super red but luckily we never experienced any sort of severe rash
  • teething tablets: true this doesn't have to do with the bottom but it was so nice to have these within arms reach
  • thermometer: it takes up precious basket space but trust me, you will be happy you had it around
  • body lotion: one would think we're california snobs. honestly,  i'm sure any kind of lotion will do but i was sold on the "calming" selling point. after-bath-baby massages were essential with this stuff
  • honest products: so now that we've gone over most of the essentials, i can't leave out the real key to the changing table....the DIAPERS! i was so dead set on cloth diapers. UNTIL i actually had to figure out how i was going to wash them and dry them and wash them and dry them. but with the daunting task of motherhood weighing over me, i tip-toed away from cloth (i may revisit the idea for the next round) and then we explored a diaper service but then i decided i would ultimately land at honest diapers. they are biodegradable and void of harsh chemicals so it felt like a nice compromise. i can not say enough amazing things about honest. and to be totally honest (no pun intended) we actually started off with these guys in the beginning for the blue line alerts just so we could get the hang of how often she needed to be changed but then once we got the swing of things around month 3, we decided to make an "honest family" out of us (hehehe). she had a couple minor rashes when she was in the pampers but has rarely had a rash since we made the switch to honest. we are also very consistent with her diaper changes and the honest balm and calendula cream. i want to say she's had a total of 3-4 rashes in two years so I think that's pretty good. 
  • the most important item EVER!  I left this one for last because it was truly the best item on our changing table. a friend of mine gave me this as a gift and it was the most cherished newborn item. we generously applied this stick on her little bottom with every changing during her first 6 months or so. I can not say enough amazing things about this product. it was literally the only thing we needed before making the switch to the creams and balms.
And i guess that's it. so no need to have a 37-week freak out like me. all you truly need are diapers and the magic stick but the other stuff will definitely come in handy along the way. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Moving some things around

i am convinced that i am obsessed with change. i love change. i thrive for change. change means a new beginning, a fresh start, a chance to succeed all over again (assuming i succeeded the first time and if i didn't, it's simply a chance to make this next round right).

when i was a wee one and lived at home with my parents, i was always rearranging my room. when i was in college, i moved every single year. when i started my career, i job hopped every 2 years. and now that i'm married with a kid and a mortgage (all things you really can't change), I'm finding it hard to satisfy that craving for change. however, today was the day that i decided to mix things up a bit and rearrange baby girl's room. i know she loved it because the second she walked into her room she said, "oooohhhhh cooooool."

i hope this means she'll crave change one day just like her mama. 

and here are some pics of the new room. some things will look familiar because i decided it needed to stay put but i did manage to move around a good amount of her room. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

oh, hello!

i could fill this blog post with the million reasons why i haven't posted anything new since baby girl's first birthday but instead i'm going to share 1 reason why i'm finally posting.....because alas, blogging makes me happy and i want to spend a little bit more time these days on those things.

looking back on the blogs i posted last year make me a tiny bit sad (as i remember struggling through hormones and life changes and schedules and figuring out how to make it all work out) but they also fill my heart with so much joy. we made a tiny human and she thrived beautifully! she's so much more than i could've ever imagined. picture your heart swelling so much it's on the verge of bursting.....that's been my constant state of existence since the very day she entered our lives. i'm so grateful for this blog so i can revisit all those moments throughout her first year and here we are just a month shy of her second half birthday and I'm barely realizing how absent i've been from documenting all of our amazing life moments in this blog.

so i'm back! don't hold me to anything because life is a bit different than where i was last year but isn't that even more reason to try and track it all down? I'm going to summarize the last 6 months in a series of bullet-styled words (because I have created more bullet style lists in the last 6 months than i ever thought i ever would and i'm beginning to feel like i'm living my life just one bullet column after the next) so here it is:

  • highly recommend spending your holidays with a toddler. the look on her face each time she opened a new gift was priceless.
  • she skipped the crawling business and went straight to walking in time for christmas
  • she was running by new years
  • and has been covered in bruises from falling ever since
  • she's restless like her mama
  • and funny like her dada
  • giving kisses is her favorite thing
  • talking is her next favorite thing
  • she's still not sleeping through the night
  • her dada makes this journey so much fun (i don't say it enough but i love that man more than all the amazing things in life combined)
  • i love to hear her say, "papa" which is what she calls my dad
  • sometimes when i'm carrying her she gives me an unexpected hug and takes me somewhere so special -- i will remember those moments until my dying day
  • her cheeks are the most delicious thing on earth

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

your first birthday

what a day. i want to make sure i document every single detail of this day because i just know that i'll smile as i relive it each time i read this blog post.

you came charging into this world 365 days ago and yet it literally feels like just yesterday that i held your tiny little body for the first time. you grew up before our eyes this year and i'm so proud to say that i didn't miss a single second of it. i'm such an impatient person that i just couldn't wait to see you crack your first smile, hear you laugh, watch you try to crawl, listen with pride as you said, "mama" and feel my heart melt when you said, "dada." i cried with you when you got your shots and did my best to soothe you during those painful teething nights, we discovered that you love babies as you cuddle and hug your favorite baby and you also love to give your favorite animals hugs and kisses. you have such a warm and caring soul, your daddy and i feel like the luckiest parents on the planet. so as the day of your first birthday approached, i couldn't help but think about all these milestones and my eagerness to see them develop and then my sadness as i slowly began to realize that all of these things just happen once. they come and go so quickly, i don't know why i was so impatient to see them happen.

so here we are, your first birthday. you woke up this morning with the biggest smile on your face. it's almost like you knew exactly what day it was. i pulled up this song on my iphone and we danced the entire time. we shimmied and smiled and it was just the perfect way to start our day.

i changed you into your outfit and made sure to put on your birthday hairclip. gladys showed up with a little gift for you and you loved it! then she took you on a walk, we bought a balloon at the grocery store yesterday so i made sure to tie it to your stroller so everyone would know that today was your special day. gladys said you were so happy at the park and that you were laughing the entire time.

you took your morning nap and as soon as you woke up we dressed you and got you ready for an afternoon at the zoo! the zoo was super packed, since it was veterans day, every single person within a 100 mile radius of the zoo decided today was the best day to go. luckily, we have a membership so we skipped the line and strolled right in. our first stop; the meerkat exhibit. i held you up while you pointed and smiled at the meerkats. they look just like peanut so you may have just thought they were chihuahuas. then we made our way over to the carousel where we heard one of your grandpa vega's favorite songs as you and daddy went around and around. {thank you for being with us in that moment grandpa vega.} then we checked out all our favorite animals: elephants, giraffes, monkeys and finally the gorillas. you were more interested in practicing your walking skills and smiling at all the other kids than anything else but we can tell that you were having a blast but you were also getting very tired.

we decided to call it a day so we headed back to the car. on our way home we stopped by our favorite cupcake shop to pick up some special treats for the evening. we also decided to stop by gymboree for some playtime since you seemed to have hit your second wind as we exited the freeway because you were screaming at the top of your lungs. you just kept yelling, "daaaaadaaaaaaa!!!!!"

even though you were getting into your afternoon nap time, you seemed to have so much fun at gymboree. you crawled and climbed and scooted to every single random ball. daddy and i had so much fun taking turns sliding you down the slides and you even made a special footprint sign to celebrate your birthday. we finally made our way home and i was easily able to get you to take your afternoon nap even though it was getting close to your actual bedtime.

you woke up an hour later in an extra cuddly mood and i gladly accepted the extra loving. daddy picked up mediterranean food (your favorite) and we all had dinner together. then we played and cuddled and chased you around the house before the final event of the night.....cupcakes!!!

daddy lit the candle and you instantly started blowing! we were cracking up because you were just so excited and kept blowing and spitting and spitting and blowing. then we placed the cupcake (vanilla with chocolate frosting) in front of you and you instantly started tossing the frosting all over the place. we had a tiny freak out moment because the dogs were scrambling to pick up your scraps and they obviously can't eat chocolate so we had to grab them and put them on the other side of the gate while we watched you eat your cupcake then your dad reminded me that with every bite of chocolate we were setting ourselves about 15 minutes back from bedtime. so i ate the rest of your cupcake :) then i felt bad so i grabbed some salted caramel gelato from the freezer and let you have a couple tiny bites.

after the cupcake and ice cream fun, i scooped you up and started to get you ready for your bath. i took off your chocolate covered shirt and kissed your little forehead as we walked to the bath that daddy was preparing for you. i held on to you for just one second too long because you decided to pee all over me so i handed you over to daddy, picked up your pee mess and hopped in the shower while you had your special birthday time with daddy. he then got you into your pajamas and read you a book. i walked in as you were sitting on his lap and smiling at the book he was reading you so i just stood at the door for a minute and soaked in every amazing second of that moment.

then it was my turn, my turn to have you all to myself. i nursed you and rubbed your little back as you gently rubbed my arm. i whispered, "happy birthday," and you smiled then i laid you down in your crib and sang you to sleep.

so that's it, year one is done. i promise to slow things down and not be so eager to see you hit every milestone moving forward. i'll likely say this a million times over again but life is just so much sweeter with you in it.

love, your mama.

Monday, November 11, 2013


my sister surprised me with this video this morning. best darn thing i could've ever ever expected. i've been able to hold back the emotional tears but this....this opened the floodgates.

happy birthday darling precious amazing little nugget of mine. mommy loves you more than you could ever ever possibly imagine.

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