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Hello Home.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

the 52 week challenge

i've been hearing about this 52 week challenge lately and it sounds very intriguing. i mean, i'm not one to be tempted into challenges....ab challenge? no thank you. marathon challenge? probably never in my lifetime. detox challenge? mmmmmm....nope. BUT i can most certainly get behind a challenge that forces me to choose my favorite baby photos of the week.

jumping on the train a few weeks into the year so i'm going to be playing catch up this month.

here's 1 // 52

i remember when my parents took me to see the rose parade floats as a kid, I must've been around 10 or 11. it wasn't nearly as cool as the hollywood christmas parade with all the tween heart throbes from TGIF but it was definitely neat to get to see the floats up close. i like to think baby girl will remember her first time seeing the floats up close. she still talks about the "monkey and giraffe" float and its been over two weeks! that's a really long time to talk about something at 2 years old.

either way, these photos will help her remember :)

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