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Hello Home.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014


i gave birth two years ago. that's so nuts. time is such a funny thing. the tiny details of the day she was born are beginning to escape me but the enormous space in my heart that she fills continues to grow and grow. with each day that passes i can hardly believe that i can love her any more than i do in that very second....and then another second passes and sure enough....the love gets bigger.

how can i harness enough love to love a 32 year old?! (thats how old i'm about to be in a few weeks and i just can't begin to imagine how much my mom loves me at 32 years old.) and that's another thing, my husband said something the other day that really weighed heavy on me. he said, "it's kind of sad to think that ina will never love us the way we love her."

it's just so true.

but the amazing thing is that one day, she will love someone as much as we love her because we are going to show her unconditional love the way our parents showed us and so the wheel just keeps on turning.

so here are some of the pics from her big two birthday. we decided to keep things low-key by just inviting some family over for brunch and then we ventured out to disney for her official day (i'll post the disney pics later....)

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