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Hello Home.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

{addicted to flea markets}

lately i've been hitting up the local flea markets. often times i go and just people watch. you'll find the most interesting people hunting for treasures at these outdoor shopping arenas. here's a brief synopsis of the top flea market personalities: 

1. trendy hipsters seeking out the latest trend -- are they hunting for that perfectly stained leather sling or maybe they're looking for those flat laced shoes that look like they're out of the 1920's...... 
2. antique shop owners looking to buy something for $20 and then sell it at their shop for $80
3. the designers that can pick the best out of the bunch. they're also the ones that go with tons of cash ready to drop it all on that $400 rug that i can't seem to bring myself to buy.
4. old ladies who bust out their shopping cart and shove their way down the lanes (i think they're my favorite because they always look fabulous {the flea market is clearly a special occasion})
5. and then there's me

i like to think of the flea market as a great big scavenger hunt. i'll jot down the tiny pieces i'd like to find throughout the week and then i go for it! lately i've been addicted to trays and watering cans. i recently purchased an awesome gold tray and then two silver trays and now i just added a bamboo tray to my collection. and then last week i found the most perfect slightly weathered RED watering can. i think i paid too much for it but shhh...don't tell Mr. Vega.


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