hello home.

Hello Home.

bits and pieces of life because my memory is so bad i'm afraid i'll never remember the most glorious details.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

{VIP Guest}

the youngest member of my family paid us a special visit this weekend. we call her Z and she's pretty much the coolest pre-teen around. i admire her instinct from right and wrong at such a young age and she's what we call "good people." she's sweet and kind-hearted and has a smile that can light up any room. this is the absolute best quality to have at any age and i'm so incredibly proud of my baby cousin for being so grounded and exceptional! 

i tried to be the coolest cousin all weekend, we made a jewelry tree, we made homemade ice cream, she taught me a few awesome shortcuts on my laptop, and (my favorite part) we went to the street art exhibit in downtown la. 

i love my little (she actually towers over me but i still call her little because she'll always be the sweetest baby in my eyes) cousin Z!

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