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Monday, August 8, 2011

{Real People Doing Good: The Detroit Empowerment Plan}

although, i understand the appeal behind some mega-celebritites such as kim kardashian and the people of jersey shore, i can't seem to jump on those bandwagons because i can't bring myself to respect them. they've made boat loads of money off of having killer bodies and crazy antics. now, don't get me wrong, if you make a ton of money without having to rob a bank then more power to you. however, please please please, (i'm honestly begging here), please do something good with your money. 

so please forgive me if i ever say something unkind about kim kardashian spending hundreds of thousands on wedding celebrations and millions on her wedding and asking people for more hundreds of thousands worth of gifts. 

because there are things in this world that really matter. there are people in this world that are really doing something about it. and those are the people that deserve the fame and the respect.

meet, Detroit design student, veronika scott. 
at the age of 21, she created The Detroit Empowerment Plan
she created the element s, a self-heated, waterproof jacket that turns into a blanket at night. veronika recruited homeless women to make these jackets in exchange for food and shelter. the goal in the making of these jackets is to empower, employ, educate and instill pride. 

for more on this story and an interview with veronika, go here

thank you, veronika for being awesome, kind and above all else, a true humanitarian.


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