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Hello Home.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

{ Hello! Las Vegas }

me and the mr. are headed to las vegas tomorrow morning. i don't know if this happens to everyone but i always get a little anxious before a trip to sin city. 

i always thought it was the energy from all the sins, or i could blame it on the gobs of money i've lost on wheel of fortune, or the boring car rides to our final destination of Circus Circus as a kid, or perhaps it was from my time in corporate event production when i spent a week a month, for a whole year, producing events in the chilling ballrooms of the venetian. once, i went 7 days (that's right, 7 entire days) without seeing daylight.

lets hope this trip to vegas is filled with so much fun that it helps me forget how much i dislike vegas.

i think "old vegas" was much more my style. 

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