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Hello Home.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

{ skunked }

all three dogs got skunked this weekend.
if your pets have ever been skunked, i'm sure you're feeling my pain right now. but if you've never experienced the joy of bathing a skunky animal then let me give you a tiny bit of advice:

1. do NOT let the dogs in the house once they've been skunked -- do absolutely everything in your power to keep them out. i feel like we were moving in slow motion as i saw our tiny chihuahua roll around all over the new rug. 
2. get a rag and start trying to dab off the oil as soon as possible -- skunks spray a drippy yellow oil -- this is what carries the stank
3. if your dog gets sprayed in the face (which apparently is the worse place to get sprayed) and starts foaming at the mouth -- your dog does not have rabies -- the vet said the taste is just so bad that it's a normal reaction to slobber a bit.
4. give them lots of love and kisses (after the bath of course), because i can't even imagine how traumatizing this experience must be for them, our poor little pooches were so exhausted after the initial panic, the nose-burning smell and the fire-drill bath

here's the recipe recommended by our vet, we also scrubbed the rug/couch/floors with this after the entire ordeal:

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