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Hello Home.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

dining table

the first purchase the mr. and i ever made together was this super adorable round dining table from pier 1. the little table made it through three of our homes (we've moved around a lot) and survived those moves without a single dent to show for it. we had lots of great conversations over yummy dinners where we basically mapped out the rest of our future together. it held all the treats and sweets from my bridal shower and it was the main production hub for the wedding save the dates, formal invitations and all the diy projects that I delegated to my sister and friends. 

one of my favorite memories in particular was when we received our wedding rings in the mail. we opened the fed ex box, pulled out the ring boxes and set them there on top of the table so we can just stare at them for a moment. it was just me, the mr., those rings and that table.....such a great moment. 

well, with the new house we decided to get a new table since the dining room is a bit too large to give our tiny little round table the comfort it deserves. so we ordered a custom reclaimed wood table from a vendor we found at the rose bowl flea market. we were so excited to move in our new table that i don't think we gave our old table the proper goodbye she deserved. we wrapped her up in bubble wrap and tucked her away safely in the garage. we decided to keep her since i think we both knew how much that table meant to us and maybe many many years down the line we'll move into a new house that will have room for her. in the meantime, here's a pic of the new table. the one that will host our first family christmas, the one that will hopefully sit a baby (or two) in the future, the one that will make many more memories for our little family as it continues to grow. 

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