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Sunday, November 6, 2011

{ Reading: Marilyn Monroe }

i have this thing with reading. i can really only get into a book if i knew it was real at some point. i love books based on the royal monarchy, i love books based on a certain monumental moment in time, i love books based on werewolves and vampires (ok, that last one is my one exception...team jacob!)

so when i told a girlfriend that i can really only get into non-fiction she recommended this book based on the life of marilyn monroe. before reading "the secret life of marilyn monroe" i didn't really know much about the sex icon besides the fact that she could pretty much wear white whenever she wanted, she wasn't your typical skinny model and she died from an unfortunate pill cocktail. now, after diving deep into her "secret life," i'm incredibly impressed by the picture that author j.randy taraborelli painted of this sensitive soul that was doomed from the start. i also just found out that there's a marilyn monroe movie coming out on Nov. 23 called, my week with marilyn. needless to say, i plan on rallying all of my favorite girls for a whimsical night honoring the haunted soul that defined glamour. 

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