hello home.

Hello Home.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

ornament party

over the weekend we had some friends stop by the house for our housewarming (finally!)/holiday/ birthday (it's my birthday!) party. 

the theme was, "bring an ornament and help us decorate our tree." this way, in lieu of gifts for us, guests could bring a gift for our tree so it would be full of creative and quirky ornaments hand-selected by our friends and family.  

i must say, this is probably my favorite theme party yet. we opened the ornament gifts individually in front of everyone and hung them on the tree. the mr. was in full effect hamming it up for the crowd and each guest got to check out the creativity and energy that everyone else put into their ornaments. after the big ornament unveil everyone voted for their favorite and the most creative ornaments. 

it was incredibly fun and now our tree is covered in friends & family love! 

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