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Hello Home.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FLOR rugs {a new obsession}

i've been eyeing the beautiful patterns and solids on the FLOR site for a few months now and this weekend i finally took the plunge and ordered some tiles for the house {all i needed was a little nudge and a free shipping promotion}

the best thing about these rugs is that they're tiles so if someone has an accident on one square you can easily peel it off and wash that one piece instead of taking in the entire rug to get cleaned. brilliant!

another thing i didn't realize until the samples came in is that it has an extra special patented technology that includes the rug pad with the tile so no slipping rugs and no need to order a pad for each rug. 

i can't wait to get my new rug and i can't wait to order my next one! 

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