hello home.

Hello Home.

bits and pieces of life because my memory is so bad i'm afraid i'll never remember the most glorious details.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

weekend getaway {palm springs tramway}

the mr. and i headed down to palm springs for a little daytime getaway. lucky for him, he failed to mention that tramways can be crazy scary especially if you've developed a fear of heights recently {can we say 50 feet to 8,500 feet in less than 5 minutes?!}

but sometimes he knows when to casually dismiss things {kind of like this day when he failed to tell me how long the bike ride REALLY was} cause, had i known ahead of time, i probably would not have braved the scary tramway. once we got to the top it was absolutely gorgeous. the air was fresh and the views were unbelievable. 

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