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Hello Home.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

dolce far niente {the sweetness of doing nothing}

i'm feeling so productive today. it's only 2pm and i've already:
slept in
ready my book {currently reading 'is everyone hanging out without me?' by mindy kaling}
watched a terrible lifetime movie
cuddled with the pups
and now i'm watching "eat, pray, love," i have a handful of favorite scenes from this movie. i mean, i always wanted to go to italy but after seeing this movie i made it my personal mission to get there. pizza in naples, soccer game in a bar full of loud italians, food food and more food.  but the most standout scene is when liz gilbert's character buys herself a gorgeous nightgown, makes herself an amazing meal, sits down on the ground, opens up a newspaper and simply says, "dolce far niente," which means the "sweetness of doing nothing."

it really is the perfect scene. 

and now i'm getting myself out of bed {finally} to go treat myself to a mani/pedi. 
happy friday.

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