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Hello Home.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

we've been keeping a secret....

the mr. and i are overjoyed and insanely happy to 
announce that..... 

we're expecting a baby this year!

when i found out, i was sitting alone in our bathroom. the test came back positive and i just kind of sat there staring at it for a minute. i then shouted from the restroom that i was going to take a shower. i'm not even sure i did anything in the shower but just stand there for 15 minutes. it was undoubtedly surreal and really cool to know that, at that moment, i knew something that NOBODY else in the entire world knew. after my very selfish alone time with my news, I decided to get myself out of the shower and tell my husband who was laying down in our bedroom watching tv.

i told him that i had this awesome new app on my phone that i wanted to try out but he had to get up and come with me to the dining room to try it out. he reluctantly got himself out of bed and followed me. i then set my iphone to video, sat down next to him and the rest you can witness in this little video that i made to announce to our friends and family.


  1. So so HAPPY for you!!! Can't wait to be done with work and watch your video but in the meantime I just wanted to say congratulations!! :)

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!! cutest video ever!!!! I got chills and tears in my eyes!!! congratulations!!!! You are so smart to have thought about capturing his reaction!! I so wish I had done that!! :) such a cool video to show your little babe when he/she grows up!! brilliant!

  3. Oh my god!! this is the BEST video ever!! awww!! congratulations!!!!
    xox dana

  4. hey, congrats! guess what? Our babies have exactly the same due date so I think it will be fun to see how your pregnancy is going to be like! I wish you all the best!

    1. Hi Joanne! Congrats on your pregnancy! Have you started baby shopping yet? I'm trying to stay away but I'm beginning to get the itch! I may start stocking up on baby goods real soon :)


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