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Hello Home.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

23.5 weeks

so here it is in all it's glory, the 23.5 week belly. these days the size of my belly most definitely depends on what i wear. needless to say this outfit below makes me look like i'm ready to pop and as comfy as it feels to hike up a skirt above the waistline, i think i'm going to refrain from doing so for the remainder of this pregnancy.

other than that, isn't my skirt adorable?! I spent a few hours at the Rachel Pally sample sale over the weekend and although she doesn't directly advertise to the mamas out there, let it be known that her line is the most friendly for the growing bellies.

have you ever been to a sample sale before? if so then you are familiar with the makeshift dressing rooms. they're basically a big draped off room with a few full body mirrors. these dressing rooms are certainly not built to accommodate the shy ones out there, which made me a bit nervous to try on clothes with this new belly of mine but as i walked into the dressing room and looked around I noticed that about half of the women in there were expecting so turns out baring the belly was actually pretty fun.

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