hello home.

Hello Home.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

25.5 weeks (a late post and happy friday!)

i have to apologize for slacking on the posts lately. this 25.5 weeks post comes just a day shy of my 26.5 week mark (so expect some back to back action over the weekend). i've just been overwhelmed with life lately and i'm struggling to keep up. i guess this is going to be the pace of things from here on out so i should get used to it and just get better at juggling it all. we've been making some serious progress in the baby room ( i can not wait to share those photos with all of you) and the baby showers are in the calendar (thanks mom, sister and co-workers!) we do not have a free weekend until the baby arrives but i'm loving every second of it. i'm not one to sit around and wait so keeping me busy is the best way to keep me sane. she's also been kicking and moving a lot lately. it's pretty fun to see my belly move around -- she's definitely practicing her ballet leaps and jazz hands -- so i'm obviously already a proud mama :) 

hope you all have a gorgeous weekend!

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