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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

baby shower #2 {in reverse order}

over the weekend my sister hosted a little baby celebration at our house with a few of our friends (mom hosted a family baby shower last weekend -- stay tuned for those pics -- these are coming first because my sister is way more on top of things than i am and the other pics are still on my camera). 

i kindly requested no games at this baby shower but my sister was able to sneak one game in. the name of the game: who's that baby?!

she asked all the baby shower attendees to submit a baby photo prior to the shower, once submitted she printed out all the pics and had them framed. she then put up all the baby photos at the party. she provided everyone with clipboards and a sheet to match the name with the number on the baby picture. afterwards she collected all the guesses and announced each baby individually. everyone got to go up and grab their picture and then they mimicked their baby pose. it was such a fun game, i'm glad she didn't listen to my "no games" request. 

i should also mention that the winner of the game won a magic trick set. we then spent the rest of the evening levitating and performing card tricks. 

all in all it was an amazing shower. 

thanks sister!

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  1. These are great pictures, looks like everyone had a great time. I am throwing my best friend a baby shower. She is the first one out of the group to have a baby. I sent out the baby shower invitations and now I have to come up with some games to play. I really like who's that baby. Thanks so much for sharing.


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