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Hello Home.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

baby girl is a month old!

i can't believe an entire month has passed since my precious ina was born. when they say it takes a village, it truly does. my village has consisted of all my most cherished friends -- that are also new mamas -- who i will be forever indebted to for all of their advice, support, and meals! my mom and my sister for coming over and helping with baby while my husband is busy with work and last but most certainly not least, my husband! poor thing didn't know what to do with himself when the hormones got overwhelming and i cried at the drop of a dime. but he did what he could do: he told me he loved me over and over again, he held our daughter and wrapped her in his overwhelming energy, he made me breakfast, lunch and dinner, he made me laugh, he held my hand and he changed every single dirty diaper!

and because of all that...he's the love of my life and forever will be.

how on earth do people do this alone?! i will be forever grateful for all the support, understanding and advice that has come my way. my heart goes out to everybody who struggles during this time and i promise to pay it forward every chance i get.

but enough about me, let's get to the good stuff. check out my amazing, precious, perfect little angel! just when i think this mom thing is overwhelming, i look down at her golden eyes and feel like i'm not worthy of such an amazing creature. i love her so much i feel like i'm going to explode and it's only been 1 month (+38 weeks of cooking). i can't possibly imagine this heart of mine harnessing any more love but alas, we have a lifetime of it to muster up.

thanks to fellow mom blogger, flora, for the monthly picture idea! she's an actual graphic designer so her skills are far superior to mine but i'm giving this photoshop thing a shot anyway.

P.S. that's our dog in the background of the last picture. turns out he wanted to participate in the one-month photoshoot too.

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