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Friday, May 31, 2013

6 beautiful months with ina

we never celebrated half birthdays growing up but i do think it's an important milestone, especially when you're only half a year old! motherhood is such an extraordinary thing. how can i even put into words the last 6 months? i honestly can't even believe it's already been a half year. it's funny how a sleepless night can feel like an eternity and yet holding this growing chunker for the last 6 months has gone by so fast that i still sometimes look down and feel like i'm holding her brand new tiny 6-pound body (my beautifully sculpted arms are a reminder that she is, in fact, 12 pounds heavier than that). it won't be long now before she can actually read these blog posts herself so in honor of your 6-month birthday this is for you:

dear ina beana (i hope we're still calling you this many years from now and you read this and think, 'man, they've been calling me that forever!'), 
it has now been 6 months since your daddy and i kissed you for the first time. in the last 6 months you have warmed our hearts a million times over. with every milestone we jump up and down and do a little dance. by now you should be very familiar with your mommy's signature happy dance, well imagine me doing this the moment we realized you were actually making eye contact, the second you cracked your first smile, when we heard your laugh for the first time, watching you play with toys, that day you said, "mama!" then the day you said, "papa," and now finally as you're getting ready to crawl and explore much of the world (or at least the house) on your own! So as you can imagine, this house has been filled with endless happy dances. 

but what's better than all these predicted milestones is the fact that we're slowly beginning to see your personality, we're getting to hear your voice and we are witnessing that spark in your eye as you develop a palate for the things you like and don't like. i see so much of your aunt caroline in you. in fact, your daddy said to me the other day, "you know what's crazy, every once in a while i'll look at her and see your sister." it made me smile real big. you're independent, loving, funny and beautiful. you are also very reserved when you first meet someone. people tell us that we have such a serious baby as you stare them down and carefully decide whether or not this stranger is worthy of your smile but once you get comfortable you begin to really show them what your daddy and i get to see every day. 

but one of my favorite qualities about you is your sense of awareness. you love to scream and i'm pretty sure you get that from your daddy. you don't necessarily crave attention but you have a voice and you want to make sure people hear it. your daddy is the greatest storyteller i've ever known, you babble with such intent that i know you already have a ton of stories that you just can't wait to share with us. 

thank you my darling for the best 6 months of my entire life. mommy can't wait to see what the rest of our lives will be like!

love you more than you can ever possibly imagine. 

happy happy happy half birthday!

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