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Hello Home.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

8 months {with my water baby}

dedicated followers of this blog (thanks, mom!) will know that this baby has been a water baby ever since she was a tiny fetus. how is this possible, you ask? she communicated the best way tiny fetus' know how....through irrational cravings for their mamas. you know that old myth that pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream? yeah, that's definitely the confused fetus thinking that's a yummy combination. so my little mermaid of a fetus, more commonly known as Ina these days, craved water. not a single weekend went by that this mama did not pack up her beach bag and headed west (with my headphones on)! even when we went inland i still needed to be in some sort of soak pool or bath tub.

i'm so happy that she was born in the winter so we could keep her secluded and warm and bundled up during her early weeks, because she was definitely ready to burst onto the summer scene at 5-6 months and she hasn't looked back since. she takes swim classes, she has a couple variations of kiddie pools, she has a big sink for evening soaks and luckily her aunt lives by the beach for weekend getaways.

so to my tiny little mermaid, thank you for showing mama your true colors even as an itty little morsel of a person living inside my belly. thank you for telling me exactly what makes you happy and thank you for lighting up my life. may the sun always make you smile, the pools always give you energy and the ocean breeze forever calm your soul. love love love you my little mermaid!

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