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Hello Home.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

11 months and getting back on track

tiny disclaimer: my daughter did not age a month in a day. for those of you keeping track, i got a little behind but i'm almost back on track now. 

hello month before my daughter's first year of life! surprisingly, i'm not as emotional as i predicted i would be. i'm just really super excited for her and her new found freedom. she's such a confident little darling i just simply can't get enough of her and this amazing new phase in her life. she's mobile and so super close to walking. you can also tell that she's so proud of herself every time she inches closer to taking her first steps. she's also really found her voice. she loves to grunt and squeal and laugh and chuckle. if her variation in expressions and sounds is any inclination as to the type of person she'll become, she's definitely going to be an entertainer.

we also just got back from our first big family vacation to hawaii. i think we all got a little too used to island life because we've had a bit of a hard time adjusting to normal life again. and just yesterday we noticed that baby girl sprouted her first tooth! so so so much going on i can barely keep up!

her first halloween is next week (she missed last year's by a couple weeks) but she's ready to hit the town in her awesome custom costume (thanks grandma)!

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