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Hello Home.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

oh, hello!

i could fill this blog post with the million reasons why i haven't posted anything new since baby girl's first birthday but instead i'm going to share 1 reason why i'm finally posting.....because alas, blogging makes me happy and i want to spend a little bit more time these days on those things.

looking back on the blogs i posted last year make me a tiny bit sad (as i remember struggling through hormones and life changes and schedules and figuring out how to make it all work out) but they also fill my heart with so much joy. we made a tiny human and she thrived beautifully! she's so much more than i could've ever imagined. picture your heart swelling so much it's on the verge of bursting.....that's been my constant state of existence since the very day she entered our lives. i'm so grateful for this blog so i can revisit all those moments throughout her first year and here we are just a month shy of her second half birthday and I'm barely realizing how absent i've been from documenting all of our amazing life moments in this blog.

so i'm back! don't hold me to anything because life is a bit different than where i was last year but isn't that even more reason to try and track it all down? I'm going to summarize the last 6 months in a series of bullet-styled words (because I have created more bullet style lists in the last 6 months than i ever thought i ever would and i'm beginning to feel like i'm living my life just one bullet column after the next) so here it is:

  • highly recommend spending your holidays with a toddler. the look on her face each time she opened a new gift was priceless.
  • she skipped the crawling business and went straight to walking in time for christmas
  • she was running by new years
  • and has been covered in bruises from falling ever since
  • she's restless like her mama
  • and funny like her dada
  • giving kisses is her favorite thing
  • talking is her next favorite thing
  • she's still not sleeping through the night
  • her dada makes this journey so much fun (i don't say it enough but i love that man more than all the amazing things in life combined)
  • i love to hear her say, "papa" which is what she calls my dad
  • sometimes when i'm carrying her she gives me an unexpected hug and takes me somewhere so special -- i will remember those moments until my dying day
  • her cheeks are the most delicious thing on earth

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