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Hello Home.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Year's Goal

Believe it or not it was a New Year’s “goal” to start a new blog (I don’t believe in resolutions). I narrowed my new blog to the following topics:
1.) A tribute to dog lovers (obviously).
2.) Photography blog (I don’t have a camera yet so this is going to have to wait).
3.) Dance (I figured this would make me miss it more than I already do).
4.) New wife getting domesticated (who are we kidding).
And that’s it. My lack of interesting blogs made me feel like I was losing my creative mojo. Then I found myself getting lost in this world of house-hunting so I had to put my second blog New Year’s goal on the back burner, and then, lightbulb! 
So here it is. My new blog about our house-hunting adventures with a sprinkle of my dream homes and a dab of some home interior yummyness. 
I hope this blog totally takes off and makes me millions. Because, let’s be honest, that’s the least I’m going to need to be able to buy the kind of house I want. Especially in LA.
Cheers to New Year’s goals!

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