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Hello Home.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Toolbox

Just about every evening after a long day at the office I pour myself a nice glass of vino, pop open the laptop and start my house hunting ritual of the night.
My first stop: Redfin 
I find that homes go up on Redfin the day before they pop up on the MLS. (The MLS is short for Multiple Listing Service, which is the go-to source for all homes on the market.) I like Redfin best because the website is nice and clean. It also makes it very easy for me to sort homes by “days on the market.” 
Once I find a home I like I then jump to my next stop: Zillow
I like Zillow because it shows me the history of the home. It let’s me know how much the home was worth five years ago and the taxes on the home (I will explain the importance of this later.)
It also shows me the comparables, which is important when putting an offer in on a home (I will explain this later too.)
Once I’ve exhausted my two go-to sources I’ll then move on to: Homefinder
Homefinder is a recent find. I like this because it shows me homes that are in short sales. Once I find a cool home that I like I copy and paste the address and into Redfin to do a little more investigating.

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