hello home.

Hello Home.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We just heard from our realtor today that someone else put in an offer $1k less than us but with 40% down so the sellers agent is presenting that offer to the bank and not ours. Unless of course, and you know there's an "unless," we meet the prior offer that was approved by the bank which is $28k more than what we had originally offered.

So S and I discussed it and weighed our options. We could sit tight and be the backup offer OR we could write up a new offer for $28k more than our original offer and go into escrow tomorrow, which begs the question.....

How much do we really LOVE this house?

I love it more than S does. According to S it's not the perfect home. So we mutually decided to let the sellers agent present the bank with our competitors offer. Jerks.

This is me feeling very very frustrated.

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