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Hello Home.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Letter

We put an offer in on a house today! This one was a little different in that we decided to submit our offer with a letter. Now, I may not have been graced with a trust fund nor have I figured out a way to instantly become independently wealthy but the one thing I do have, and I use to my advantage in desperate times of need, are my WORDS.

We met the current owner of the home when we viewed it. S went first (I was busy with work so I couldn't go) but our agent strongly recommended that we get to this one quick. When S checked out the home he had a 30-minute conversation with the sweet old lady who owned the house. He also made friends with her little pup, the fastest way to a dear sweet old ladies heart is through her tiny little chihuahua :)

Then when I went a couple days later, I'm guessing my charm wasn't turned on as much as S's but I definitely flashed my "please-love-me-cause-I'm-super-nice" smile a few times.

S and I mutually decided that this home was a great fit for us. This is what we've been waiting for and we both somewhat hesitated because we both were truly feeling like we were going to get this one.

Then without skipping a beat, we submitted our offer and I crafted a letter. The letter to the dear sweet homeowner was personal, charming and oozing with cheesy sweetness. I thanked her and her pup for opening their home to us, I talked about how excited S and I are to become first-time homeowners, I pointed out my favorite touches in the house, I even threw in all the things we were going to do with our future family in the house.

After S read my letter he said, "It's cheesy but I think we're going to get this house!"

So to all you prospective first-time homeowners, be prepared to turn on the charm! It may just be the key to your first home.

Fingers crossed everyone!!!!

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