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Hello Home.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

No more Mr. & Mrs. "Nice" Vega

So we submitted our offer on Monday and it's now Friday. We just heard back from the sellers agent and he said that they received another offer today (mind you that's 4 days after we submitted our offer!) and they're going to make a decision tomorrow.

First off, we submitted our offer at asking price.

Second off, I wrote the sweetest cheesiest letter ever.

Third off, they waited FOUR days to get another offer -- that house should be ours fair and square!!

I'm annoyed and angry and frustrated. Since over these past four days we've some how grown more fond of this house, we asked our agent to send a plea email to the listing agent. Basically she said that we would like the opportunity to match the other offer. Now this was a bit of a risky move since now the ball is entirely in the sellers court. I really do hope the seller has a tiny grain of honesty in her bones because she can easily claim that the other offer is $15-$20k higher than ours and that would be a very tough decision for me and the Mr.

I swear if we don't get this house I'm going to transform into the angriest chihuahua this world has ever seen.

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