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Hello Home.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Playing the game

To keep things simple I'll explain the chain of events this past week in timeline fashion.

Monday, March 28: We placed our offer at asking price with 3% back for closing costs AND a heartfelt letter
Tuesday, March 29: Still no word from agent
Wednesday, March 30: Sellers agent said they'll let us know tomorrow
Thursday, March 31 (12:00pm): Sellers agent said they received another offer and will make their decision by the following morning
Thursday, March 31 (2:00pm): Our agent called us and told us that the other offer is "competitive"
Thursday, March 31 (4:00pm): We told the sellers agent that we're willing to match the other offer.
Friday, April Fools Day (some time in the morning): Sellers agent lets us know that they decided to counter on the other offer.
Friday, April Fools Day (some time in the afternoon): We try to get our agents to find out more about the other offer and the counter.
Friday, April Fools Day (some time in the evening): We submit another offer this time for 6k more than asking price and only 1% cash back for closing costs.
Saturday, April 2: Still no word from sellers agent.

So with all that said, this has been a very frustrating process. I'm most upset about the fact that we were notified that our offer was "competitive" with the other offer and yet they only decided to counter the other offer. I would've at least wanted the opportunity to have the counter considering our offer was submitted four days earlier. I'm feeling extremely defeated at this point.

I guess it's not over yet, we submitted our second offer yesterday evening and we still haven't heard from the sellers agent but if the other offer accepts the sellers counter then it's all over. All we can do is sit, and wait and hope.

This is me being ungodly optimistic (I may be going a bit crazy).

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