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Hello Home.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Farmhouse sinks

Since S and I have been in the market for a new home I've seen a lot of kitchens. Some not so nice and some super nice. My favorite kitchens, by far, are the ones with farmhouse sinks. As a disclaimer I must announce that before today I called these sinks, "the really big sinks that stick out beyond the counter." But thanks to my twitter friend @  (who also has an excellent tumblr), I'm now in the know with these awesome sinks. 

When I picture my future dream home with a farmhouse sink I instantly think of the bright white classic porcelain, but nowadays you can find them in just about every shape, size and color. The copper ones look lovely but I'm imagining that they're a headache to clean. The stone ones are magestic and the stainless steel ones have a nice clean look. 

What I love the most about these sinks is that they're so timeless. I think this is one kitchen trend that will never go out of style (*cough marble countertops *cough). 


  1. i'm glad i could learn you somethin'! lots of people are requesting farmhouse sinks these days, and the first one i can remember using was 11 years ago, so it would seem a long lived trend. so by the time you are sick of it, you will either moved, or kitchens will be taken over by robots. :-)

  2. Great idea for a blog. We've installed quite a few and one nice thing is they work in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

    From one Angeleno to another, best of luck in your search!

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