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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{The Breakup -- AKA You're FIRED!}

Well, four offers later and five months of seriously looking, S and I decided that our current situation with our agent(s) wasn't working. I say agents in the plural because somewhere along the line our agent introduced her partner into the mix. We really liked our agent, she was nice and super sweet and as it turned out, her partner was really nice too. However, after seriously reevaluating our current situation we thought it would be the best for everyone if we split ways.

We could've gone the shady route and just told our agent that we wanted to take a break, then just never return her phone calls or emails, but we felt that at the very least our agent deserved the honest truth and perhaps our feedback would be helpful to her in the future.

What went wrong:

  • She said she was looking for us everyday, but I was the one devouring redfin and zillow constantly looking for the freshest thing on the market, then when I saw something I liked, I'd send her the address. I did get emails from her daily but they were automatic MLS listings that constantly pinged me anytime something in our price range popped up. 
  • She was very hesitant to show us any short sales. I understand they're a pain but every time I would send her a home and it happened to be a short sale she would remind me of how hard they are to get and most the time FHA loans don't get the short sale. 
  • She offered *suggestions but never gave us *advice. This is our first time doing this so guidance and advice was very very welcome, we got more advice from our friends (and this blog) then we did from our agent. 
  • Location: At the time we first met our agent we were looking to move to an area 20 miles west of where we're looking now and we were also looking to purchase a condo or townhome but now we're in a different city and looking for a house. Unfortunately, I think we were seeking something that was outside of familiar territory for our agent. 
  • And lastly, she wasn't aggressive enough. S and I know that we're partially at fault for not winning the prior four bids but we also didn't feel like our agent was in there fighting for us.
At the end of the day, we just weren't a good fit for each other. When Sean called our agent and broke the news it didn't sound like she took it well. The last thing she told Sean was, "Good luck finding someone that cares as much as I do." Then agent #2 called Sean and had him on speaker (not too professional if you ask me) while he explained all the reasons to her. Of course, I feel bad about it but this way at least we're not giving them the runaround and now we can all move on, but here's the worst part -- we're Facebook friends....AWKWARD!

Since this post our agent wrote us a 'Goodbye' email. Where she pretty much addressed every bullet point in this post and defended herself. She said that we need to be clear as to where the blame lies then she said that she can't control how much time someone spends online looking at homes (she's talking about me here), which is fine. I don't mind that she called me out and I also don't mind that she defended herself. But we certainly weren't placing all the blame on her and just so we're all clear, up until the very bitter email that she sent us yesterday I was feeling a bit guilty and would've totally recommended her to friends if they were looking for condos in her area but absolutely not anymore.

My momma taught me very early on in life: DON'T BURN YOUR BRIDGES!

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