hello home.

Hello Home.

bits and pieces of life because my memory is so bad i'm afraid i'll never remember the most glorious details.

Monday, May 23, 2011

{ Dreamy Backyard }

Well, we get the keys to the new home on Saturday! Can you believe it?! And it's pretty safe to say that I've been thinking about this little treasure, that S and I will soon call home, every single second of the day! Just about every ounce of our last pennies will go into this house.

As the famous Carrie Bradshaw once said, "I've been cheating on Fashion with Furniture."

But beyond the furniture I'm dreaming of a beautiful backyard! The yard at the home is amazing as it is with beautiful lush rose bushes, Japanese maples, budding fruit trees and a veggie garden but the minimalist in me can't help but want to rip it all out and add this:


  1. K. so as far as making your photos bigger, when you upload them to blogger, you should go to the HTML view and there you can change the height and width of an image. :]

  2. sheesh. that pool makes it over the top.


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