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Hello Home.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

{Homebuying nightmares: Escrow Paperwork}

Last night S and I went through four manila envelopes full of escrow paperwork that we need to sign and return to the escrow company. In this process you'll really really get used to signing your name and with my new last name I guess I needed the practice but I honestly had no idea how much paperwork we'd be signing.

There were a few times that S and I felt like someone should be sitting with us explaining all the paperwork that we were signing. Would it be your agent? Would it be the escrow company? How about a personal lawyer?

So instead we decided to tab the "unsure" language with sticky notes and ask questions later. S is stopping by the escrow company today to drop off all the paperwork and ask the questions that we had last night.

And here's another tip for all you first time homebuyers: Be prepared to take some time off of work to drop off paperwork, sign papers, meet with lenders, meet with escrow companies, drop off checks, and anything in between. Luckily S works from home so he has the flexibility to leave the house for a minute to take care of odds and ends but I have a full-time and very demanding job so its been a challenge juggling all my priorities lately.

BUT we're in the home stretch and I feel a celebration coming on soon........

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully everything works out for you. I have been looking into an aircraft escrow
    company for my business. Thanks for letting me know about all of the paperwork. The company I have decided to go with has provided an agent to help us with all of our questions and needs.


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