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Hello Home.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

{In Escrow: Lesson for the day}

Soooo.....we opened escrow last Thursday. Exciting stuff!

Once escrow opened our agent said that we had three days to get a check to the escrow company. S and I don't have checks for our savings account so I said I could write a check from my personal checking and just transfer the money over.

We dropped the check off at 3:30pm and by 4:30pm the check had already been processed and, of course, it bounced since the transfer of tens of thousands of dollars was pending with our bank.

MY BAD. When I was told that, "ESCROW HOLDS THE CHECK," for some reason I thought that meant that they hold the piece of paper. Nope. They apparently cash the check in ASAP and hold the $$. Honest mistake, so I had to make a call in to our agent who had to make a call in to the escrow company and they were kind enough to let us drop off another check but man that sucked.

 Whoopsie. Lesson learned.

While the check chaos was going on S and I managed to get in a healthy hike over the weekend.

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