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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{ hello! travel: washington dc }

i'm currently in dc for work but i managed to sneak away and explore a bit since this is my first time in our nation's capitol. i hardly got to see everything i wanted to see but i saved the real real good stuff for my trip back in a couple months with my honey. here's a list of the few things i conquered today (thanks to a few awesome recommendations from a fellow blogger). 

1. newseum -- breathtaking and jawdropping. i got lost in this wonderful tribute to photojournalism and traditional journalism. 
2. holocaust museum -- i'll be returning to this tribute in a few months but i did get a chance to tour a few of the exhibits, they were equal parts heart wrenching and utterly moving. 
3. lincoln memorial -- wow. wow. wow. and i saw it during the day. i hear the night time will completely knock your socks off. i shall wait to see this one under the light of the moon in a couple months with my honey.
4. Navy concert band -- at the U.S. Navy memorial -- this was a chance stumbling as i was walking back to my hotel after dinner (talk about lucky)!

and lastly this day could not have been possible without the help from my friends at tour mobile -- such a great sightseeing tour company. they have stops throughout the city and you can hop off and hop on at your own pace. 


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  1. We live about and hour and half out of DC and go there EVERY chance we can!! The Smithsonians are really great (and FREE), you HAVE to check out Madame Tussauds Wax Museum for a good laugh, the National Archives are amazing (plus you get to see the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence....oh goodness I could go on forever :0) Shoot me an email if you guys want any suggestions!


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