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Hello Home.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{ Heroes }

i have a very small handful of heroes in my life. my heroes are people who make me feel like life is just as it should be. these people bring great comfort to my life, which in my opinion, is the best feeling ever. among the small very exclusive group of people that i consider my true heroes is a beautiful, gracious, sweetheart of a lady who has always put family first. my grandma. 

as a child i remember thinking that life wasn't fair, that is, until my grandma hugged me. as a teenager i remember thinking that all my friends lived better lives, that is, until my grandma hugged me. as a hopeless romantic i battled heartache and thought i'd never love again, that is, until my grandma hugged me. as a young adult i remember thinking that i'd never make it to the top, that is, until my grandma hugged me. and now as i'm approaching my 30s i sometimes feel that i haven't lived up to everything i was supposed to accomplish by this age, that is, until my grandma hugs me.

my grandma deserves every happiness this world can offer. here she is in all her glory on her super awesome surprise birthday. my grandma.

please observe this hug. nothing and i mean nothing can beat this feeling.

the grandchildren (the white guy is my sister's boyfriend, he's pretty much part of the family). 

this reminds me of UP.

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  1. Nothing like being embraced by a loved one! Your grandmother seems like a beautiful woman inside and out. Happy birthday to her!


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