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Hello Home.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

{ local finds: charlie's house }

for me, one of the hardest questions to ever answer is, "what's your style?" 
i sort of just throw a bunch of things together and hope it works. sometimes it's a hit and sometimes it's a huge miss. as i was walking through my little downtown today i noticed a new store. the sign outside simply said, "charlie's house."

i instantly fell in love with this sweet little store; not because of the soft color palette, not because it smelled like a yummy candle, not because it was filled with miniatures, but because when i walked in, i couldn't figure out the "style" of the store. 

i just thought, this store is MY style!

it's not a garden store, although it's full of terra cotta planters and moss, it's not a seasonal decoration store, although the tiny pumpkins in the beautiful glass vessels totally caught my eye, it's not an antique store, although i spotted a handful of treasures from the local flea markets, and the best part is, that it's not overpriced! and lucky for me, i've been going everywhere with my camera lately, so i was able to take a few shots of the gorgeousness that is, charlie's house:

this white marvel is an old fridge. i think it would make for a great mini-bar!

they have a "make your own mini-garden" bar -- how cute is that?!

and, of course, i couldn't leave without getting something. i purchased these super cute little tin flags. the best thing about these little flags is that you can write on them with chalk so my message will be changing with the season! I can't wait for halloween!


  1. really cool place and fantastic purchase :)


  2. Thanks @theappletea! I'll post a pic once my flags are up :)


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