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Hello Home.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{ Custom Dining Table }

we're busy getting ready for the holidays starting with the housewarming/holiday/birthday party and then hosting our first Christmas, which i'm just the tiniest bit excited about (ok, let's be honest, i'm crazy stupid insanely excited about it). 

so first thing's first. we need a table fit for kings and queens! we found this local shop that makes custom dining tables from wood shipped in from their family farm in Minnesota. 

when you order your table you get the option to customize everything from the length of the tabletop to the width of the wood to the height of the legs and lastly, the final finish on the wood. after giving it lots and lots of thought we finally decided on all the official dimensions and we requested dark wood tabletops (to match the dark wood in the house) with lighter wood legs (to give the room a nice contrast in color). 

 the shop owner just sent us these pictures as our first sneak peek! we can't wait to get this beauty in the dining room. 

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