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Hello Home.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

weekend getaway {temecula wine tasting}

it was a gorgeous day for wine tasting in temecula. we started at our favorite winery, Mt. Palomar because the service is exceptional and the wines are always delicious. WARNING: they are completely sold out of the Cloudbreak for the rest of the year.

we then moved on to a spot that is usually fun because they have horses and a few winery dogs (which are my very favorite) but for some reason we didn't have the best time there, i will leave this winery unnamed because i'm hoping they were just having an off day and i don't want to give them a bad review. 

then it was lunch time. we stopped by Baily for lunch where i had some sweet potato fries and a yummy spinach salad. 

and lastly, we cruised on over to europa village winery. i loved this new little spot. the wines were tasty and the tasting rooms were cute and cozy. we will definitely be going back.


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  1. We love going to tmec! Were actually going in January to celebrate Bryan's 30th. We have our favorites of course (including Mr. Palomar!) but I've never been to Baily...which I'm excited about for obvious reasons.


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