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Hello Home.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

in search of clarity {point dume}

over the weekend i spent some time honoring and celebrating the life of a friend that left us far too soon. after the memorial a few of us headed down to the beach in search of some clarity and fresh air. what we found was absolutely beautiful. the ocean that we have visited many times was perfectly still, the clouds were low and the sun was resting peacefully above them. i was really hoping to see a whale. a sign that life is bigger than we can ever imagine, a sign to make it clear that, beyond the sadness, this life has more happy times than sad, that our world spends more time smiling than crying, more times laughing than gasping for air and more times praising than fighting.

i did not see my whale but i did see a lone dolphin. a very large and beautiful dolphin that leaped across us too fast but none-the-less it passed us, it embraced us with its beauty and then it went off to another place that, i'm sure of it, is just as beautiful as point dume was on this day. 

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