hello home.

Hello Home.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

lake como {aka dreamland}

when we were planning the big european vacation, the mr. said, "we need to go to lake como."  he's been before and has always said it was the most beautiful place he's ever seen. he's a pretty good judge of scenery so i took his word for it and decided that i needed to experience this place of beauty. 

the second we got off the train and we walked to the edge of the lake, i could not believe my eyes, i felt like i was instantly dropped into some amazing painting. the hills were luscious and green, the homes were perfectly placed and the water was sparkling in the sunshine. you know when you bite into something sweet and you can't help but smile. yeah, that's exactly what it feels like to look at lake como. i must've said, "we have to come back here," at least a million times. and you better bet your bottom dollar that i will be back!

this adorable pebble home here was my absolute favorite.  

this perfect cream colored home with dark shutters is george clooney's house. 

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