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Hello Home.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

the story {first flutters}

earlier this week my girlfriends and i went to a brandi carlile show at the grammy museum. the show started with this adorable interview and then they opened up questions to the audience, which was then followed by a small but amazing setlist.

the first song on her setlist was the usual foot-stomping fun-loving brandi tune that gets everyone shimmy-ing and shaking. the bass was booming and i was feeling it deep down in my soul {or at least that's what i thought}. then she sang a slow song and the bass calmed down a bit but then she sang her signature "the story" song and i realized that what i was feeling deep down in my soul was not the bass....it was something magical.....it was my baby!

so thank you brandi for convincing my baby to dance in my belly -- it is one of my favorite stories that i will tell over and over and over again until my little one gets tired of hearing it and then i will tell it at least a million more times.

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  1. YAYYAYYAYAYYAAAA!!!!!!!! So happy to be there with you!!!


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