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Monday, July 16, 2012

maternity style

 excuse me while i have a total "girl" moment......i absolutely love to shop. i'm not the biggest fan of spending money but i love love love love shopping. so my only way to rationalize it is that i'm a sucker for some great deals. one of my favorite places on earth is the sale section at anthropologie but now that this belly is just on the verge of out-of-control, i'm being forced to shop in the maternity world.

when i first found out i was pregnant i figured i could squeak by in my awesome worn-in american apparel shirts for a while. well the "while" has come and gone. the american apparel shirts that i used to live in are now getting too small and i do hope to someday go back down to normal size so i don't want to force myself to fit into them in fear of stretching them out. thus, the maternity bargain shopping has begun.

for the full break down of lusts, bargains and somewhere in between, read below the jump.

i started with the dream site, HATCH collection. i was lusting after this collection even before i became pregnant. it's comfort and sophistication in one perfectly packaged baby belly. however, it's not realistic. this dress, for example, is $368. what the what?! sure, i could splurge on this mint beauty but i would be wearing it every single day for the remaining 18 weeks of pregnancy!

now let's work our way to the total opposite side of the spectrum and check out old navy's maternity collection. it's practical and i'm sure it's comfortable. the prices hold steady between $12 to $30 for tanks and dresses with special discount codes sprinkled across the web, however, i've never been a big fan of the quality of the clothes so i'm going to pass on the enticing deals. 

and now for the compromise, the asos maternity collection is reasonably priced and fashionably acceptable. here are a few of my favorites. 


the entire asos maternity line can be found here
top image found here

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