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Monday, September 10, 2012

29.5 weeks {dave matthews concert}

i just realized that I forgot to post a 28.5 week update last week. i will blame it on pregnancy brain. in my opinion, the 29.5 makes up for it since it's a fun one! this was on our way to the Dave Matthews concert. my shirt says, "future DMB fanatic" with a lovely arrow pointing to the bulging belly. by the way, going to a concert pregnant is pretty awesome and this is why:

1. free pass to the front of the bathroom line: sure the line was full of drunk girls but they were really nice drunk girls that were kind enough to let me cut in line.
2. front row access! well not really, but close enough, the security guards let my husband and i walk up to the orchestra section to watch the concert from there as we were slowly making our way out. 
3. special vip dining experience: we stopped by a cocktail/listening party before the concert where they graciously setup a nice table for us to sit at since the patio was full. 

i don't pull the pregnancy card often but getting special treatment at a concert was so much fun! 


  1. Oh my goodness you are absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for your sweet comments and for finding me so I could follow you (; I love following other soon-to-be mamas. I can't believe how close our due dates are. Are you hoping your little one decides to show up sooner?

    Dearest Lou

  2. you look fantastic, nice post :)


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