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Hello Home.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

sperlonga, italy

we needed some new prints to hang in the bathroom so i decided to pull up some of our italy photos from our trip this summer. i'm not going to lie, getting to this sleepy little beach town in italy was probably the most frustrating part of our trip but it was so incredibly worth it.

we traveled from our flat in rome by bus to the train station. 
we missed the train to sperlonga by 2 minutes. therefore, we waited at the train station for two hours for the next train.
once we got to sperlonga we missed the bus to the beach by 10 minutes, therefore we waited at the train station for 1.5 hours for the next bus. 
once we got to sperlonga, we realized we didn't have beach towels so we went on the hunt to purchase some towels.
we quickly realized that all the shops closed from 1-3 pm for nap time. 
at this point we felt insanely defeated so we dragged ourselves into a hotel and begged the hotel staff to let us borrow some beach towels. since we weren't guests of the hotel they kindly offered a beach towel rental rate of 2 euros a person. DEAL!
so nearly 5 hours after leaving our flat in rome, we finally sunk our toes in the sand and enjoyed the beaches of italy where the romans frolicked to escape the city heat (even without modern transportation i'm sure the romans figured out a way to get to this beach in less than 5 hours). 


  1. Oh my gosh that looks AMAZING! I would have such a hard time picking just a couple pictures to hang in our bedroom if they were all as beautiful as yours!

    1. And that is why I just ordered 3 more prints :) We're running out of wall space but I'll find somewhere to put them in the house.

  2. i want to add this to my next Europe trip! Oh well, stunning!


    stop by for a visit,
    lydia from vintage2vogue


  3. I just found my way to your lovely blog. These photos are lovely, I love the blueness in the photos.

    cheers from Australia.



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