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Hello Home.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween

i was really hoping baby girl would come today. i have a couple friends that were born on halloween and they're some of the coolest, most creative, albeit crazy, people that I know. i would not mind having myself a little crazy and creative kid but alas, without a single contraction in sight, a halloween baby is looking slightly unlikely. still keeping my fingers crossed for a birthday some time in the next week so we can at least have costume birthday parties. 

hope you all have a safe and happy halloween! the mr. and i will be playing it cool, carving some pumpkins, munching on some pumpkin soup, while handing out candy. next year will be baby girl's first halloween and, mark my words, it's going to be epic! Not to brag but when the husband and i join forces to come up with creative costumes, we do pretty well. last year, he won his costume contest at work with this fancy little number.


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