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Hello Home.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

happy friday {elephants are my favorite}

let me start this by saying that i find elephants absolutely fascinating. these creatures are so nurturing and gentle i can't help but be incredibly drawn to them. every time I hear a sad story that involves an elephant baby or mom, it takes everything in my power to not break down in tears. i recently came across this video of a baby elephant that got stuck in a well in kenya. the video was captured by a rescue team worker. the poor mother was so distressed that they had to chase her off while they focused on saving the baby. i'm obviously not going to post something with a sad ending so without spoiling too much, they end up saving the wee one. however, the amazingness isn't from the rescue effort. the glory of this video is when the baby reunites with its mother. unless your heart is pitch black, be prepared with some kleenex prior to hitting play. 

happy weekend!

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