hello home.

Hello Home.

bits and pieces of life because my memory is so bad i'm afraid i'll never remember the most glorious details.

Friday, January 11, 2013

2 months old today!

my goodness, time is just flying by! i can't believe its been two months since i laid eyes on the most gorgeous creature in the universe. she changes by the second and i'm desperately trying to document every waking moment. i'm absolutely obsessed with her. yesterday i visited my salon for the first time since she was born (i was waaaaay over due for an eyebrow waxing) and i spent the first 30 minutes or so showing everyone pictures of her from birth to current day. i spend all my time with her and the tiny moments that i'm away from her i spend it looking at pictures of her. i think it's safe to say that i've crossed the line of obsession or maybe we can just call it being a proud mama!

we reached a handful of milestones this past month. she's now realized how funny her mom and dad truly are since she's gracing us with her gorgeous smile, however she has yet to laugh out loud, we're waiting patiently for that milestone. she can also track objects and rub her eyes, although I don't think she realizes that she's doing it yet. and my favorite little thing that she's started doing this past month is tickling my side as i nurse her. feeling her tiny soft little hands on my bare skin is just the sweetest. i plan on burning these moments into my memory forever and ever.


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