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Hello Home.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

ina and her buddies

not entirely sure why we decided to do a photoshoot while my husband was still in his pajamas but we did. we tried desperately to get a shot of ina with all the pups but obviously we failed miserably. we took these pictures a few weeks ago when she was much much smaller but i was recently sorting through the photos on my computer and started cracking up as i was going through them. 

before she was born we often wondered how the dogs would react towards her. we are one of those couples that treat their dogs as children so we assumed they would just adjust and automatically accept her as part of the pack. for the most part, they've done just that.

peanut is the gray-haired chihuahua and my baby. i've had him for 11 years. he seems to be extremely protective of her. he follows her wherever she is and when i nurse her he stands guard in front of us and makes sure nobody gets close. not even the hubby is allowed to approach us.

patango is the chunky little guy with stub legs. he's the sweetest of the bunch and the most independent. he doesn't really seem to even notice her, he kind of just goes about his day as usual before she was even here. 

cole is the long legged lanky guy. he's our pup and the rescue doggie so he came packaged with a handful of separation anxiety issues. he's the most curious of the bunch. he would lick her face every second of the day if we let him but instead we've compromised with hand licks and sometimes he sneaks in a kiss on the cheek. 

but the best part is when baby girl notices one of the dogs. she seems to like all of them because when she sees them walk by, she smiles. i have a feeling they're all going to be best buds. 

and here's one of baby girl being rescued from the madness by her mama. 

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